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genenser website

General Engineering Services website

General Engineering Services (Genenser) is a company that provides services in the fields of civil engineering, electricity, computer science and interior design.

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acager website

ACAGER website

ACAGER is an association that aims to ensure high-level studies in the field of geomatics and land-use planning.

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lbioclin website

LBioClin website

Labor Bionic Clinique (Lbioclin) is an association that aims to facilitate access to technical knowledge to people in French-speaking Africa.

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numerixrh website

NumerixRH website

NumerixRH is a human resources company based in Douala offering staff placement services in many fields like marketing and agriculture.

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agribizz website

AgriBizz website

The startup AgriBizz is an organization that offers drone services and other innovative technologies to improve the agricultural sector.

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fconsulting website

FConsulting website

The startup FConsulting is an office of study, consulting and realization of real-time and embedded applications whose field of action is the zone Africa.

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almanna website

Web design of Almanna Group website

The Almanna Group is a large provider of building and public works services based in Chad in Ndjamena with a long experience.

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eboard website

Enterprise Board Web application

Enterprise Board is an intranet web application for rapid information dissemination and is currently installed at Ngaoundere University.

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mconsulting website

Web design of Markup Consulting website

Markup Consulting is a young company that operates in the digital marketing and digital design sector to improve the image of companies.

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MboaGeek is a web development, digital communication and computer engineering agency based in Cameroon whose goal is to support entrepreneurs and small businesses in the realization of their projects and the realization of their projects. ideas in the field of ICT.

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